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Avalon is a worldwide leader in the most innovative, exciting, and luxurious pontoon boats that have been tested in some of the roughest waters in the world.

High performance twin engine models, luxurious cruising models, affordable family models, fishing models and even luxury compact models! Our first priority is creating the best built, best looking, and best performing pontoon boats. We include the high quality features that most others don’t offer or even have. You can confidently choose from our three different levels of quality built Pontoon boats that, starting with our 2020 models, include a 10 year bow to stern warranty and lifetime structural warranty.

Avalon is a vertically integrated builder, meaning we make everything—pontoons, framing, furniture, and more—here in our own facility. As a result, we have a much higher degree of control over the production and quality of our products than our competitors, who outsource most of the components.

We work every day with our highly qualified team of experienced welders, furniture makers, assemblers and quality assurance engineers to constantly improve our boats and sustain the incredible level of quality that the Avalon brand is known for. Our expert team is our biggest asset. Everyone here is committed to making sure every piece of every boat down to the smallest detail is perfect.

Besides being luxurious and strong, all Avalon Pontoons are certified by the National Marine Manufacturer Association. In order to receive that certification, every Avalon Pontoon boat has either met or exceeded the industry’s strictest quality and safety standards. Certified boats also must pass rigorous annual inspections to retain their status. According to U.S. Coast Guard statistics, NMMA Certified boats are much safer than uncertified boats.

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